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250ml The Matcha and Mint Repair Mask


Protein treatments are designed to create a protective barrier for your hair. The additional proteins grab onto the hair follicle and fill any holes or gaps within the cuticle. The result is stronger hair that has an extra layer of protection from damaging elements. It also looks and feels healthier.

This nourishing mask is ideal for all curl patterns and types

Formulated with matcha  and moringa oil

Protein enriched, fills in porosity

Adds body, condition & manageability

Enriched with certified organic botanicals.

repair damaged hair and strengthens hair follicle

Free of parabens, sulfates, and silicone

Protein balances the moisture in your hair to keep the hair healthy and strong


Restore elasticity

You should always follow up protein treatments with moisturizing conditioners, preferably a deep conditioning treatment.


Section clean wet hair. Apply generously from roots to end and spread evenly using a wide tooth comb. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. For deep penetration cover with plastic cap and use moderate heat for 30 minutes. If using a hair steamer do not cover with plastic cap. For best results, use as often as needed until your hair regains a healthy condition; then use after every 6 weeks as maintenance.

always follow with a moisturizing conditioner

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When hair is exposed to things like the sun, wind, pollutants, heat, and chemicals, the proteins can break down. If your hair is chemically treated with color, relaxers, or straighteners or if you use heated styling tools, your hair is more susceptible to damage. This damage causes hair to lose elasticity and become dry and brittle. Over time, this may cause breakage.

Matcha and mint repair mask re-energizes tired, damaged hair; encourages thickness and volume; fills in porous hair with rich proteins.  if you have colored your hair or exposed it to harsh chemicals. Your hair needs a protein treatment. Matcha and mint repair mask rebuilds hair from the cuticle layer, replacing missing nutrients and adding proteins for strength. If your hair is damaged, this is the dose you need.

The Precautions

Protein treatments do help maintain strong tresses, but they should be used sparingly. The ingredients that strengthen your hair and fill in cuticle gaps can also dry it out. Overdoing it on the protein—especially while not applying enough moisture in the form of regular, deep conditioning—can lead to brittle hair.


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