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High Porosity LOC Hair Combo


The LOC Method is hands down the best ways to moisturize natural hair. And it’s done in 3 easy steps!!!Each step of your hair routine should either 1.) add moisture or water to your hair or 2.) help to retain or prevent the loss of moisture.

The Liquid Oil Cream Method or L.O.C. method is a technique for moisturizing hair.

It consists of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based product which is your liquid (Afrotame moisture mist and braid spary), sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss.

The L.O.C. Method or Liquid Oil Cream Method is a guide for how to apply your products to ensure your hair is moisturized and stays moisturized longer. What sets the LOC method apart from other methods is the layering of products in a specific order to maximize moisture retention. The layer of moisture is effectively sealed in by two products which are both known to be excellent sealants: oil and butter

Both oil and butter are praised for their ability to create a layer along the hair shaft that helps to prevent water from being evaporated from it and lost to the atmosphere thus helping the hair to stay moisturized for longer. By using oil followed by a thicker, heavier butter-based moisturizer on top you are ensuring that as much moisture as possible remains on the hair shaft which is beneficial for curlies who struggle to maintain moisturized hair.

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Because highly porous hair can also lose moisture easily, it’s important to use leave-in conditioners, moisturizers and sealers. Layering these products will help your hair hold on to the moisture you’re giving it. You need follow up with a heavy hair butter to help fill the gaps in your damaged cuticles and further protect your hair from losing too much moisture.


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