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Climate change may be responsible for your hair loss

Hair loss in black South African women appears to be on the increase, in the past we have seen a rise in traction alopecia which was mostly attributed to hair styles that polled the hair line, but now we are seeing more hair loss in the crown area. This may be attributed but not limited […]

Why you are losing hair on your crown

By: Zee Kay Lately I have noticed that more people are losing hair on the crown including me. When I started to lose my hair, it was mostly on my crown. So, I realize that it could be our lack of knowledge. Here are few possibilities Choice of style People are quick to talk about […]

My Journey with Alopecia

It was December 2015 when I went on a holiday in Swaziland with a friend of mine we were killing 2 birds with one stone because we were going to attend a friends’ wedding and go site seeing, it was summer and very hot that year. I was still a weave girl back then so […]