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About Us

Our Profile

We Produce ​Plant-derived hair products ​for Normal to Extremely Dry or Damaged ​Hair and Scalp.  ​​Products that are inspired by the healing of nature, and moisturizing properties of natural and organic oils and butters.

Our mission

Create amazing plant derived natural and organic products for hair that moisturize, strengthen and grow hair

Our vision

To be recognized for providing the best plant derived natural and organic hair products

Our promise

Create natural and organic hair products that you can trust for Safety, Quality, and Effectiveness.

Why You Should Use Our Products

Our Competitive Advantage
We select only First Pressed Oils from Premium Quality Natural and Organic Ingredients.  It’s the Purity, Quality, and Proven Effectiveness of Natural and Organic Ingredients that Moisturize, Nourish, and Protect your Hair and Scalp. Our products do not contain harsh chemicals like Sulfates, Silicones and parabens

What are the benefits of using Natural Products?
Our natural oils work with the body, because whatever you use on hair and scalp ultimately gets absorbed by the body, therefore natural oils and butter are much safer for your body and your system can process the oils more effectively without bad side effects or skin irritations.