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Why you are losing hair on your crown

Why you are losing hair on your crown

By: Zee Kay

Lately I have noticed that more people are losing hair on the crown including me. When I started to lose my hair, it was mostly on my crown. So, I realize that it could be our lack of knowledge. Here are few possibilities

  1. Choice of style

People are quick to talk about the hair line when you have your up-do fixed ponytail, but they seem to forget that the crown area gets affected too. You see when you have your up-do, the crown area becomes inaccessible, making hard to reach and moisturize, the hair in the crown end up being dry and brittle. While those styles are nice

  1. Lack of moisture and the porosity of the crown area

You see most people seem to have dryer hair on the crown, I know my hair is totally different in the crown. That is why it is so important to check the porosity by using different strands from different sections of the hair including the crown. I have 3 curl patterns on my scalp and some areas are low porosity and others are high. So, the crown area I moisturized it differently from the other areas

  1. Lack of detangling

If that area is the driest and most brittle, it’s also probably the kinkiest. So, don’t rush through the detangling process with harsh combing or paddle brushing. Instead, section out that area on its own and slowly finger comb.

  1. You do not protect Your Hair from The Sun

Yes, sunscreen for hair is a real thing. Since the middle of your hair is the highest point on your body, it suffers the most damage from UV rays. try adding raspberry seed or carrot seed oil to your normal moisture routine to get added natural protection from the sun. you don’t need to a lot of it just a little after your normal routine. You can also wear a hat or cap to cover the hair when you outside.

  1. you don’t protect your hair when you are sleeping

This is another reason many of us suffer from breakage in the middle and back of the head. If satin or silk bonnets and scarves are not your thing – or if they don’t stay on at night – then invest in satin pillowcases. Not only will your satin coverings suck up less moisture than standard cotton pillowcases, your tresses in that area are less likely to get tangled or matted since the hair slides across the pillow.

  1. Massage to stimulate your crown area.

A quick massage is beneficial to your scalp and will help you restore sluggish blood flow to the crown area. A nightly massage lasting about 10 minutes is all you need. You may choose to add stimulating essential oils to your scalp massage for maximum impact. You can use also popular carrier oils to combine with your essential oils since too high a concentration of these oils can irritate the scalp.

If you are guilty of any of the above, you might want to change the way you care for your hair before you jump to changing products.

Can you identify with this, we would love for you to share your story and if you have any question, shout!!!

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