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My Journey with Alopecia

My Journey with Alopecia

It was December 2015 when I went on a holiday in Swaziland with a friend of mine we were killing 2 birds with one stone because we were going to attend a friends’ wedding and go site seeing, it was summer and very hot that year. I was still a weave girl back then so I was wearing my Brazilian weave which I had just installed a week before.

While we were on the trip, I started to notice that my scalp was itching a lot than usual and I thought it was just dry and I sprayed and told myself that the problem has been sorted. That night I couldn’t sleep because of the itching but, hey I was still going to wedding the following day so I was willing to suffer for beauty.

On the 4th day we made our way back home after a successful trip but my scalp was still itchy, the very same night I removed the weave and washed my hair and I felt a bit of relief. Following day, I noticed some hair on my pillow and scalp was still itching, so I decided to go and cut my hair. I got to the salon and asked one of the guys there to come up with a nice cut that will suit me. Suddenly, he asked me what happened to my scalp and there I was answering calmly “it’s an old scar, I was burnt by a relaxer”. You see a while back I was burnt by a relax while I was at the salon and the hair stylist left me with the relaxer and got busy with someone else, I was so sure he was talking about that scar. His answer was “no sis, this can’t be relaxer”, what is he talking about? He showed me through a mirror and my God, the whole crown area was gone. Now it made sense why I was itching so much. He suggested a scalp treatment and I did it, thinking the problem is going to be solved.

Little did I know that it is just the beginning, it didn’t even cross my mind that I might have alopecia. Shortly after that I went on a trip with my cousins to the south coast. One of my cousins had been diagnosed with Cicatricial Alopecia AKA Scarring alopecia. she looked at my scalp and said you have what I have, you need to consult a dermatologist. I did not enjoy that holiday, I was so stressed the whole time. I was angry with her, asking myself why did she have to tell me? Until that moment I did not realize how much role hair can play in a woman’s life.

What is Primary cicatricial alopecia

Refers to a diverse group of rare disorders that destroy the hair follicle, replace it with scar tissue, and cause permanent hair loss. Hair loss can be gradual, without symptoms, and unnoticed for long periods. In other cases, the hair loss may be associated with severe itching, pain and burning, and progress rapidly. Cicatricial alopecia occurs in otherwise healthy men and women of all ages and is seen worldwide.

It was confirmed that I had this disease and the trick was stop it from its track by long term treatment that involved oral antibiotics, topical creams and shampoos and anti-inflammatories. I was on treatment for year until it was confirmed that the diseases are no longer progressing, but I didn’t have hair even in the front. The bad news was since the follicles are damaged, my hair will not grow back. I was depressed for while than one day I just decided to research natural treatment for Alopecia and I started to follow few bloggers who were successful in growing their hair after Alopecia. I used minoxidil and my hair grew but it was expensive, so I stopped using it and my hair fell and I was back to square 1.

I had lost all the hair I grew during the use of minoxidil, meaning if I wanted to keep my hair I had to use it for the rest of my life, which was not a good plan as it was difficult to find in South Africa. I started to experiment with oils and supplements, one of the oils that I found is hemp oil AKA cannabis oil. I started using it, I will massage the oil into my scalp and hair and put a plastic cap overnight every day but somedays I wouldn’t cover with plastic cap, during that time I also bought hemp oil capsules and started taking them orally, over a period I noticed my hair was growing, the bald area was becoming smaller and smaller.

I continued with it up until today and my hair is still growing. The nice thing about this oil, it is light and easily absorbed by the scalp because the trick is to make sure you don’t clog your pores with products. The castor oil is great but it was too thick for my sensitive scalp and coconut oil was drying my hair.

Why is hemp oil good for your hair?

  • Promotes hair growth: Hemp oil contains fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3. These fatty acids help stimulate hair growth. Hair is made up of keratin and keratin is made up of 90% proteins. The proteins in hemp oil help in the formation of keratin. Hemp oil also helps improve the blood circulation to the scalp. This helps nourish the hair follicles for better hair growth.
  • Moisturizes the scalp: Dry hair is a serious nuisance, especially during the winter months. Dry hair leads to irritated scalp and hair breakage. Looking for something to put the life back in your dry lifeless hair? Look no further than hemp oil! Hemp oil helps prevent water loss from the scalp. Hemp oil imparts moisture into the hair and scalp. Hemp oil is easily absorbed by the scalp, so it helps deeply nourish it.
  • Helps prevent hair breakage: Hair fall and hair breakage is a common problem. Hemp oil is the answer to your hair troubles. It aids nourish the scalp and hair as it helps impart moisture and shine to the hair. The proteins in hemp oil help strengthen the keratin layer. And strong keratin layer means less hair fall.


  • Mpumi Posted July 25, 2020 1:11 pm

    I am going through this right now. I was diagnosed with Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia about a year ago, after being initially wrongly diagnosed with traction alopecia. When I went for a second opinion, I was the one who actually proposed to the doctor that I might have CCCA and the dermatologist confirmed my hunch. After initially looking as if it was under control, the disease progressed during this lockdown period without access to the hair clinic I was attending. I keep looking for longterm solutions as I realise that this disease is about management and maybe the hair clinics create dependency rather than sustainable management programme. Reading this story has given me a lot of hope. I think I can beat this thing. I have invested a lot in alternative products including cbd oil. I think hemp seed oil is a better option as I do not react to that oil in the way I do to cbd oil (less allergic reaction). I will try hemp seed oil capsules as well.

    • ZeeKay Posted April 2, 2021 10:26 am

      Good luck with everything Mpumi. just be patient

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