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Our product range

Our product range

Afrotame hair products are natural hair maintenance products that deep cleans and nourishes scalp as it tames softens and moisturizes even the driest unruly black afro textured hair. Afrotame Hair Growth and Scalp Care products are paraben free, Silicone free and sulfate free. Made with natural ingredients that effectively yet gently cleanses, nurtures and conditions hair and scalp. Contains Mango butter helps the scalp regenerate skin and can be very healing for anyone suffering from a condition like dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis.

It reduces the degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity, creating the ideal environment for hair to grow, Hemp seed Oil that Stimulates Hair Growth, olive and sunflower oil for deep moisturizing, disinfecting tea tree oil and rosemary to stimulates hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth


250mls Hair moisture mist – The natural ingredients are readily absorbed into the hair and do not sit on top of the hair shaft causing hair to be wet and oily without improving the actual condition of the hair.  Just spray directly onto sections of hair or into hands and work thru hair from ends to scalp. Use as needed for added moisture. Hair will be noticeably more manageable and soft to touch with improved elasticity.  This product can also be used when you are in a protective style.  

250ml Hair moisturizing shampoo – This sulfate free shampoo gently removes dirt debris buildup and sweat from scalp and hair. Contains natural ingredients that disinfects and fights bacterial and fungus without stripping hair of its natural oils. Leaves hair and scalp clean and fresh for healthy hair growth.

250mls Hair Moisturizing Conditioner – This rich conditioner helps smooth hair and fight frizz while delivering the nourishment that your hair needs to grow long and strong and healthy. This conditioner can be used a conditioner, detangler and co-washer.

100ml Natural Hair Oil – provides hair with the natural fatty acids hair needs to stay healthy. Gives hair natural shine without weighing down hair, improves elasticity and helps to control hair breakage while it conditions from the inside out. Contains healthy oils like hempseed oil, Avocado Oil, Mangongo oil, Olive Oil and Emu oil.

50mls Hair Growth & Scalp Balm – is the answer to breaking hair and balding areas. This propriety mixture contains oils and butters that fight fungal and bacterial to heal scalp, while stimulating your hair follicle to grow hair.  

250ml Leave-in conditioning cream-it hydrates, moisturize, and improves manageability and shine to hair with every application. When used daily, it helps promote stronger, healthier hair.  

250ml Hair hydrating mask-This hair mask formula is packed full of nourishing natural goodness to treat your hair. It replenishes your hair’s lost moisture, leaving it silky and strong

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