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Our new range

Our new range

Dew- means tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces. This range is moisture rich. The most effective way to nurture hair into growing long is to treat it gently and keep it moisturized. Dried-out hair tends to become brittle, which causes it to break more easily. Because your hair is not made

of living tissue, it can’t repair itself if you damage it through over-processing or harsh treatment. Fortunately, keeping hair well-conditioned helps seal in moisture, protecting it from splitting and breaking as it grows. This range also has hempseed oil. Hemp oil is packed with lipids, which add moisture and shine to your hair. The oil helps to strengthen fragile strands, give your hair body and may even make your hair thicker. It can also help promote new hair growth and prevent hair loss from taking place.

  • 175ml Hair Hydrating butter
  • 250ml Leave in conditioning cream
  • 250ml Hair hydrating mask


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