Hairline Repair combo


Hairline Repair combo


Natural scalp serum, infused with herbs for thinning hair Natural botanical ingredients help to restore the hairline & reduce thinning patches 17 herbs that promotes stronger, healthier hair Vitamin E deeply nourishes the scalp organic oils encourages hair growthck tea contains caffeine, which has stimulating With Saw Palmetto Strengthen hair follicles Restorers thin or brittle hair Enhances hair volume Paraben, phthalates or SLS free Anti-fungal


Apply the hair and scalp tonic every morning and night, in the morning apply the hairline and scalp balm and in the evening apply the grow back serum.

please use in conjunction with the dermaroller for better results. it can be purchsed at take a lot. use the link below


Hairline Repair combo from  Afrotame will help you to regain your confidence, with a healthier hairline. The combo is made using all natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth, which can help to fill in the hairline and reduce thinning patches. Hairline Repair combo  includes 17 herbs and organic oils , which are good for strengthening and thickening the hair.


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